Electrical Safety

The future of electrical compliance.

Gather rich data, uncover new insights and establish one source of truth for electrical safety.

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Unrivalled data, easily reportable.

Collect and report on standardised, descriptive electrical safety data, gathered in real-time.

Get a complete overview of inspections, circuits, observations and assets – all at your fingertips.

Our single, revolutionary dashboard allows you to audit electrical works across your entire portfolio, then generate reports with a click.


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Empower your Qualified Supervisors (QS).

Allow your QS to instantly and efficiently review any electrical works undertaken out in the field.

Simply selecting a job allows them to review it on a granular level, allowing faster, more streamlined auditing of essential works and quality standards.

From the same screen, a QS can either resolve issues with a touch or identify any remedial actions needed.

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Streamline electrical documentation.

Alongside capturing integral data, Plentific's platform also generates relevant safety documentation such as EIC, EICR and MWC – so that you can manage your electrical compliance with minimal effort.

Any granular data can also be accessed immediately on the platform, allowing for the seamless creation of follow-up tasks and work orders.

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Smarter task management .

We’ve worked with leading electrical experts to create a standardised, simplistic and consistent approach to electrical documentation.

Engineers can easily review their observation workload, then add, resolve and record any issues that need addressing.

With a familiar grid view of test results and circuit details, engineers can intuitively access data and report on any limitations.

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Trusted by the biggest names in the industry.

Over 950,000 properties in the UK and Germany are managed through our platform

See our platform in action.

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Efficient electrical safety management.

Manage compliance effectively with the addition of these widgets.

Property Status Widget
Manage your electrical servicing schedule.
EICR Status widget

Monitor incoming EICRs.

Unresolved Observations widget
Ensure all observations are resolved in line with your policy.

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