Discover why you might be leaving your housing operations to chance - and why it's time to stop.

Did you know, job orders not closed down on your repairs system could be costing you millions in additional resources every year?

Or that 1 in every 4 repairs jobs requested ends up needing a repeat visit?

And is it right to endure upwards of 5 repairs per property PER year?

Or to maintain an average tenant satisfaction rating that never moves past the 65% mark?

Don’t bet on your operations getting better through organisational improvements. Or new contractors. Or reduced tenant services.

It’s Time to Demand More

…because as things stand, housing providers are under duress - to do more with less, and somehow not compromise on the service provided to social tenants. 
It is a scary thought that 74% of housing providers are convinced that they will need to strip their repairs and maintenance service down as a first line of action. And not just that - 82% want to cut down on team sizes to deal with the waves of change flooding into the sector.
Lives hang in the balance, the future of affordable housing is uncertain. Everything feels like it’s left up to chance. 
Luckily, your days of managing constant uncertainty are coming to end. 

We’re Here to Help

We work with some of the biggest, most progressive housing providers in the UK - Notting Hill Genesis (NHG), Metropolitan Thames Valley and Hammersmith and Fulham, to name a few. And we’ve learnt what it takes to turn that chance to change. Real, transformational change. 
Before Plentific, NHG categorised repairs into emergencies that required attendance within 4 hours, urgent jobs to be done in 7 days and non urgent jobs that could take up to 2 weeks.
We’ve proven that we could slash repair timesdown to just 72 hours - that means quicker repairs and instantly happier tenants.
A tenant from NHG’s East Anglia portfolio had this to say: “Best service I’ve ever had, I’ve gone from being on hold for up to an hour , to my call being answered within 2 minutes and the job being done on the same day!”
We’ve demonstrated the potential of the community - which we are driven by - to build a deep marketplace of specialist, local tradesmen that are responsive, bid on repairs for quicker service AND better quality. 
Kevin McCarthy, Executive Chairman of the Just Housing Group says “Because of [Plentific’s] ability to effectively manage the process, I also think a significant gain could be made from reducing transaction costs
And to Kevin’s point, we’ve showcased management savings of more than 1/3rd of your current spend - by having our single platform solution take care of all the admin, scheduling, invoicing and reporting necessary to keep a smooth housing operation running. 
So, enough with chance. You don’t need to gamble on the future of your housing operations. 
With the right transformation, you don’t have to leave anything up to fate - not your repairs expenditure, not the size of your housing teams, and certainly not the happiness of your tenants. 

Come Join Us

25th-27th June, we will be at Housing 2019, taking place at Manchester Central. 12,000 professionals from across the housing sector will come together to connect and learn from the very best in our industry.  
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Don't Leave Your Housing Operations to Chance

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