This week, Plentific launches a fast, lean and action-oriented incubator programme to tackle some of the biggest issues in housing. 

PropertyLab brings together forward thinkers in social housing, residential property management and PropTech to develop solutions for rapid results and to create long-term strategic impact in just 14 weeks. 

Our first session focuses on fire safety and gas compliance - a hot button issue within the sector. We utilise different perspectives, our technology and agile development to address the manual process issues many organisations face, and the key risks of missing a deadline or failing to complete such remedial work associated with it. 

At the heart of the programme is customer-centred service design, favoured by Silicon Valley startups and design companies like IDEO. Using these methodologies allow us develop truly innovative solutions by tackling the problem with the user in mind from the start.

We start with data collection and in-depth interviews with users across every level of an organisation, then work alongside sector leaders to discuss and prioritise the challenges and opportunities that affect them in maintaining fire safety and regulatory compliance. We believe that this is the key to producing a step change, rather than an incremental improvement on existing solutions in the market. 

We are excited to reveal that leading landlords across the UK have bought into our vision, with the participation of Notting Hill Genesis (NHG), L&Q and Peabody in our first compliance-centric sprint. 

Watch this space for further updates on PropertyLab and get your own introduction to the programme below.