We were joined by industry leaders to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the social housing sector.

In recent years, there has been a major spotlight on the social housing sector, and we wanted to bring this to light by organising a roundtable alongside Campbell Tickell. Our CEO Cem Savas and CRO Guy Yaniv, were joined by industry leaders from the likes of Notting Hill Genesis, Southern Housing, Clarion and more. Having a united front when tackling these challenges was a unanimous theme amongst the leaders, and here's how we can achieve this.

Community driven

People are at the core of social housing, yet it hasn’t been until recent years that there has been an increased focus on the people that live in social housing. Pivoting towards being more community driven, the sector aims to provide more affordable housing and better quality of life. As a result, there is an increase in demand for customer service, yet due to the lack of resources, we have to question how can this be effectively delivered? Digitalisation of this service should meet customer expectations due to their experiences with other service providers. Connecting the people, to the managers, to the properties, via a digitised platform will provide faster, real-time actionable solutions.

Data is key

An emphasis on data has pushed many social housing organisations to evaluate current systems and how it is affecting asset performance and risk management. The roundtable uncovered a universal recognition of how current legacy systems and data structures are limiting progression within the housing sector, cementing the need for change. Data is the key to building a more meaningful overview for businesses to make real-time decisions, whilst also informing how to ration scarce resources such as money and time. This has driven a demand for real-time dashboards, digitalising asset and risk management, as well as resident satisfaction to better inform business decisions.

Hitting sustainability & carbon net-zero targets

Sustainability and carbon net-zero are topics that are ever-present in conversations, especially within the media, yet its complexities lead many to turn a blind eye. However, doing so would only exacerbate the challenges at hand. Instead, we should look towards ways that these targets can be broken down and managed into bite-size projects. With time and money being of scarce nature, there is a need for streamlining processes, implementing adaptable supply chains and connecting resources to better deliver on these projects. Again, it was prefaced that prioritising collaboration, rather than competition will benefit the sector long term.

How is Plentific making a difference?

At Plentific we are passionate about connecting with industry leaders to collaborate, discuss and plan for our sector. This allows us to adapt to the issues at hand and provide solutions to those that need it. It also gives us the opportunity to support and empower the community, to create happier and safer homes. We have developed a range of solutions that are already assisting some of the largest housing associations in the UK to tackle some of these industry challenges, such as those discussed at the roundtable. We encourage collaboration so that we can continue to adapt as a sector to benefit the wider community. We understand the immediacy of today’s society, and are working together to deliver now.

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