Key-to-key time is a top priority for many organisations, so here is how to get on top of voids to reduce turnaround time and cost.

Managing voids can be a complex and challenging process for property owners and managers – and best practices can be hard to define. Notably, many organisations have not embraced digitising their operations and continue to rely on manual data entry or traditional project management software. These types of projects can be handled in many different ways, which has resulted in organisations developing their own bespoke voids processes, which are often very manual.

For many organisations, reducing key-to-key time is a number one priority. Inspections, remedial works, and compliance checks are just a few of the tasks required during this turnaround time, and a centralised platform can help simplify this complex process so that all tasks are in one place. Here are three reasons to digitise voids processes:

Bespoke and automated voids project plans

Creating a bespoke project plan to suit an organisation’s unique requirements is just one step to streamlining voids processes and creating a level of consistency. Defining each phase of the voids process by grouping inspections, routine tasks, and work orders; and establishing a timeline to adhere to, will help ensure that deadlines are achieved. Standardising these tasks will create a golden thread of information and will help teams deliver work quickly and efficiently. Manage priorities, status and due dates to deliver upon internal SLAs successfully, creating visibility and accountability across the organisation.

Quicker resolutions

Digitising voids processes enables organisations to turn inspection findings into tasks or work orders to resolve issues quicker and more efficiently. Manage and adapt to a flexible supply chain through appointed contractors, an internal workforce or vetted contractors on the marketplace. This will increase appointment availability and free up critical staff for priority projects. Review, approve and monitor works in a single channel to stay on top of the progress of the project. Not only will this speed up the overall voids process, but it will also ensure high-quality works are delivered.

Accurate, real-time reporting

Gain actionable insights to optimise voids processes in the future by utilising advanced analytics. Use a digital dashboard to review assets by business unit or property groups and measure voids by volume and performance. Review work orders, tasks, and findings against average completion time – and analyse the financial performance in line with budgets. Maintain transparency and traceability within teams and the wider organisation by downloading and sharing visual and digestible reports.

It’s time to digitise!

There’s no longer a need to rely on outdated voids processes. Enter the world of Now by utilising Plentific’s platform to streamline the end-to-end process and give transparency to internal teams to track voids projects. Utilise a flexible supply chain to deliver work quickly and efficiently. Our Inspections solution has helped clients reduce void time in maintenance by 54% and thus increase rental income by 3.5% (p/a). 

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