Whether you are a landlord or a property management company, winter brings a unique set of challenges that, if not addressed, can require drastic action to remedy. The best approach leading up to the holiday period this season? A proactive one.

In a December 2022 survey of social housing residents, 55% reported that mould, damp and condensation are the biggest issues they contend with. Last month (November) saw a sharp increase in damp/mould work order requests on Plentific - a 300% increase in requests compared to September this year. 

With the release of the Better Social Housing Review, keeping homes free of damp and mould-related issues may not simply remain a winter maintenance must-have but soon become a legal requirement for landlords.

Effective winter-proofing can help property providers save thousands on costs associated with seasonal disrepair, with some reports showcasing as much as 20% in savings on costs with the right approaches. Let's dive into some recommendations from highly rated service providers now.

Draught proof homes and buildings.

If properly aired in winter, wood on old sash windows can start to split, letting draughts into a property. The condensation that builds up as a result directly links to damp in winter weather.

Draught proofing is an inexpensive, effective way to weather-proof properties and save on heating bills for residents.

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Insulate overlooked areas.

It is essential for properties with lofts to be adequately insulated since nearly a quarter of a home's heat is lost through the roof.

A quick inspection can determine the level of insulation and also inform landlords and property managers if there is appropriate draught sealing on the loft hatch.

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Maintain condensate pipes.

One of the biggest call outs in cold weather results from poor maintenance of condensate pipes.

R&O Plumbing and Maintenance LTD advises that insulating, and then lagging these pipes (finishing them with a steel or aluminium coat) is an important preventative maintenance measure that can save thousands in boiler callouts during the season. 

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