About PSS Installations.

Started as a family business in 2004, PSS Installations began its journey offering trades training courses. Soon after, the founders leveraged their experience in electrical works to begin offering electrical services to property owners. Since joining Plentific, PSS Installations has expanded its services to include multi-trade offerings but prefers to focus on its success with its electrical expertise.

Plentific and PSS Installations.

PSS Installations started working with Plentific in September of 2020, and as of February 2022, has already completed close to 1000 jobs. Paul, installations manager at PSS Installations, uses Plentific on a daily basis and mentions how intuitive it feels, even when new features are introduced. Whenever he’s using the platform - either on desktop or mobile - he can quote on jobs exclusive to the Plentific platform, see the history of each job as well as track it from start to finish. This includes all invoicing and payments as well. He states that the speed of the payments is one of the strongest features of the platform and hopes he can integrate it with accounting software in the future to make the financial process seamless.

Other operatives in Paul’s team have needed almost no training to navigate the Plentific dashboard and are kept informed of changes and additions via emails. They also have a dedicated account manager to hand, available to answer any queries.

Working with Plentific: Key facts and figures.

Project Skills Solutions Installations (PSS Installations) has added to its revenue stream with Plentific. And with a perfect review score, it has secured long-term relationships with leading housing clients. Here are some of the highlights:

Flexibility and potential to scale.

PSS Installations is growing rapidly with Plentific and successfully expanding its reach and services outside of London to meet demand for Plentific jobs in other regions. The team explains how easy Plentific makes it to manage this extra workload and how often they can squeeze another job in when they’ve got a gap to fill in their schedule. The platform connects them with works near their chosen location too, reducing travel time.

The company attributes 25% of its recent growth to Plentific and is able to earn an additional £6000/ month through the work it wins on the platform.

Streamlined workflow.

In addition to exclusive leads, Paul explains that the whole job completion process can be managed in one place, which is a game changer for him and his team. He says that a single dashboard allows him to message the client, create the quote, change the quote (if needed), complete the job and invoice for it. Paul contrasts this with other platforms, where he’s typically got too much paperwork to contend with, different tabs open and payments to chase at all times - which can slow down productivity drastically. He celebrates the fact that he’s brought his usual 100 clicks down to a single click with Plentific.

Great reviews and repeat business.

PSS Installations has 100% positive client feedback and has completed works for 8 different clients through Plentific. Completion time on average is 6-7 days, which clients and their residents both appreciate. Paul states that in somes cases, clients are so pleased with PSS Installations’ work that they pre-select them for jobs. Plentific makes it easier for contractors to forge meaningful relationships with clients that guarantee repeat business.

It’s been great from the start. The jobs come through well, the communication is reliable. The payments are fantastic and fast - that’s one of the biggest bonuses of using Plentific.” - Paul Glover, Installations Manager, PSS Installations