Protect the sensitive data on your Plentific account and prevent security breaches by activating MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

More than 80% of cyber breaches happen due to stolen or weak passwords.

Usernames are often easy to discover and usually, these are just your email address. Since passwords can be hard to remember, people tend to pick simple ones, or use the same password at many different sites, making it easier for people with bad intentions to access your account.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is used to authenticate the identity of the person logging in. With MFA enabled, you are proving to the system you are who you say you are, by sharing an additional piece of information that changes each time to increase account security.

On Plentific, your account may have sensitive data, including bank details. In order to prevent security breaches and the issues associated with this, you can activate MFA.

All new contractor account Owners are being asked to set up MFA when they sign up on Plentific. This should have minimal impact on your sign-on process while providing the added assurance of a higher level of security. For increased security, from early 2023 MFA will be mandatory for all contractor account owners, new or existing.

Please note: a user with MFA enabled will only be able to transfer account ownership to a user who also has MFA enabled.

For a full guide on how to set up Multi-Factor Authentication, please follow this link to our Help Centre.