Whether you’re looking for a range of different job leads or better ways to manage your daily workload, Plentific’s got you covered.

Finding new leads. Keeping track of ongoing jobs. Getting further works approved. 

It’s all part of the daily grind - but what if it didn’t have to be? 

Plentific removes the manual effort involved in your routine admin, so you can focus on winning more work and taking your business to new heights. 

Here are five unique features our platform offers. You’re going to wonder how you ever got through the day without them:


1. Customisable work areas.

Choose where you want to work. We take our promise of exclusive, high quality leads seriously. But we want to make sure you only see leads relevant to the areas you prefer to work in. Our platform allows you to set up custom work area boundaries. Simply draw out your preferred work areas as shown. Yes, you can create separate work areas for multiple teams.

Polygons Tool
Have you recently taken open more operatives and expanded your work area? Simply adjust the boundaries and you’ll start receiving new, location-specific leads instantly.


2. Quote variation feature.

Need to amend your initial quote? Cut through the phone calls and messages it would usually take to get everything approved. Our quote variation feature allows you to adjust labour and materials in real time  - and this will be communicated instantly to the client for approval, without any further input from you.


Change Quote
Even better — any approved quote variation will be automatically included in your final invoice without you having to manually adjust anything.

3. Custom tags.

Create colour-coded labels and name them according to what’s  most relevant to your trade business. You’ll see below an example of the many tags you can create and customise to help you prioritise your work. 

The main advantage here is your ability to assign these tags to specific work orders, as shown below, so that you can use them to easily track and filter jobs.

Custom Tags
By allocating unique  tags to your jobs, you’ll be able to filter and manage your business’s workflow directly by selecting the most relevant tag from the dropdown menu.

4. Dynamic jobs page.

Let’s say you’ve got 20 jobs on the go, each of them requiring a different update. No sweat.

Your Plentific dashboard comes with powerful filtering and sorting tools that can help you determine which jobs are most urgent. So you can prioritise and stay on top of each job

Need to see how many of your quote variations have been accepted and require a booking? You can filter based on this too.

Want to know which job has been ongoing the longest? Sort by lead acquired.

Take faster actions on each job, streamline your workflow and provide a better experience to the client – all in just a few clicks.

5. Reports.

Plentific automates your admin, which means you’ll never have to worry about paperwork or spreadsheets again. Reports on invoices, accruals, credit and job history now rest on your fingertips.

Your reporting dashboard contains a detailed breakdown of completed work. Do an easy performance analysis, track job completion rates and generate reports for your finances as you continue to grow.

What's more.

Every contractor on our platform has a dedicated Account Manager who will be happy to offer advice or support. This is one of the many things that Frederico from FLR Procurement values about Plentific — citing how this support has helped him maintain a 5-star rating and long term relationships with his preferred clients.  

From acquisition of jobs all the way through to invoicing, click here to find out how we’re helping contractors reduce admin work and spend more time winning jobs and expanding their portfolio.