Plentific welcomes client CDS Co-operatives, a community-led housing provider which brings over 1000 properties onto our platform. A mix of social rented and leasehold units, CDS' unique spread of homes stretches across the south east and Plentific is helping the housing provider build a robust marketplace across their regions. Here are a few advantages to quoting on a CDS job.

For more than 40 years, CDS has been providing, supporting, and promoting co-operative and community-led housing options. The housing provider offers landlord and business services to 30+ housing co-ops and their 2000 residents.

CDS is hoping to build contract partners across its whole stock and, through Plentific's software platform, will have the chance to forge meaningful partnerships with local firms. Plentific is excited to offer its marketplace of contractors unlimited access to exclusive new jobs in CDS' locations.

Plentific's platform has helped CDS transform its operations and workflow, in much the same way it does for trades businesses of all sizes. The platform connects property managers with contractors and manages the entire process, from the first quote all the way to job completion.

Here are some ways in which contractors can benefit from using Plentific to quote on a CDS job:

A fully managed workflow.

For growing companies that don’t have dedicated accounts departments, and need to keep their efforts on winning new work, managing spreadsheets and accounting software can be a pain. When a contractor quotes on a CDS job using the Plentific platform, the entire process, including any variation in quotes, conversations with property managers, invoices, completion reports and payments are all managed using a single platform. Mobile or desktop, you choose what works best for you.

The platform streamlines and fully manages your workflow, so you can go from quoting to getting paid as soon as possible.

Plentific allows us to offer great service, great value and great quality to our residents – wherever they live - and an easy to use management platform for staff and contractors alike" - Linda Wallace, Chief Executive, CDS Co-operatives

Customisable work areas and tags.

Want to work only in specific areas CDS operates in - and not across its portfolio? Customising work areas takes just a few minutes and ensures you only see leads relevant to the areas you and your team prefer to work in.

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With sophisticated tagging and easy filtering features, job management has never been simpler. Plentific's dashboard comes with quick sorting tools that can help contractors determine which jobs are most urgent. So you can prioritise and stay on top of each one.

Good feedback and repeat work.

With Plentific and CDS, feedback can be a useful tool for securing new and repeat business. Community-led organisations are driven by resident satisfaction and consider it a key metric for success. Contractors on our platform have the chance to demonstrate their commitment to excellent customer service, becoming a preferred contractor and creating opportunities for larger, more profitable projects in the housing provider's portfolio.

We are confident that our reliable service partners will create a strong network providing the same high quality of service to CDS - whether it's a property located in the centre of London or in a relatively remote town. CDS encourages contractors of all sizes to quote for this work, so if you're reading this, let's get you set up and quote in no time.

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