Find out how Francis, Josh and Uriah escaped homelessness through the support of Beam.

Homelessness impacts over a quarter of a million people in the UK. Here are the stories of three people who faced homelessness but found the right support to help them out of it. Meet Francis, Josh and Uriah.


Losing a job is never easy, but for Francis, losing his job led to one of his most significant life changes to date – he became homeless. 

Francis managed to seek support from multiple organisations, including St Mungo’s and StreetLink, before coming into contact with Beam. It was here that he was able to focus on rebuilding his life and pursuing a career in construction.

Through Beam, he’s been able to set up a fund for professional certification in bricklaying. He believes that with this skill, he’ll be able to become a ‘jack-of-trades’ having worked as a carpenter for years before. Having another skill opens doors, as Francis puts it.

“I'm looking forward to getting back to work – to having some money and getting back my self-esteem. When you walk away from something you've built, come back, and see what you've done - you think, wow, did I do that? You amaze yourself.”

Francis is feeling positive for the future. He’s set himself realistic goals to get his life back on track. In two-years, he hopes to find happiness and be able to take his children on holiday.

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Before last year, Josh was living life like anyone else – working and living a comfortable life with a roof over his head. After supporting a criminal investigation, however, Josh felt unsafe in his flat and the area he was living in, so decided to flee for his protection. Before long, he found himself homeless.

With the strain of homelessness and the burden of fear on his shoulders, Josh was desperate for a way to improve his circumstances and get back into work. Finding temporary housing through St Mungo’s was a major first step, and since regaining his independence, he has since been motivated to focus on his next goal – finding work.

Having worked in construction in the past, this became an obvious route of employment for Josh to pursue. He thrives off responsibility and finds site-work very interesting. Through the support of Beam, he was excited about the prospect of becoming a crane operator and eventually a site manager. 

Now, and with the help of 281 supporters including Plentific, Josh has raised enough money to fund his training qualification in construction.

“I’m doing this work so I can build my future, be happier and just live a better life. Going forward, it will be good to not have to worry about where I live. Getting a stable job so I can rent my own apartment and leave temporary accommodation is what’s motivating me.”

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Earlier this year, we introduced Uriah. He is someone who fell into the trap of substance abuse several years ago and as a result, became homeless.

Uriah eventually found the support of Beam which helped him realise his ambition to become an electrician. Although he worked for several years as a plasterer, Uriah considered his new direction as a fresh challenge to help him find his feet in a career which is in constant demand.

With donations from the public and Plentific, we’re pleased to say that Uriah has raised £5,065 to fund his electrical training. Although he is still considered at risk of homelessness, this is a positive step towards a fulfilling job that can help support him to a brighter future.

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At Plentific, we work with social housing providers to improve repairs and maintenance work – and with it, open up big company contracts to local tradespeople. We do this because we believe very strongly in building local communities while making operations work better for our housing clients.

This means we are eager to collaborate with those who support our mission-driven approach. Beam takes referrals from charities, training people at leading third party providers and placing them with local employers, usually in the trades.

Our collaboration means we not only support Beam’s cause with donations but also offer opportunities for future employment to those with the drive, but not the means, to change their lives for the better.

To find out more about our partnership with Beam, read this.

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