For Government Buildings

Reliable, efficient building maintenance at lower cost.

Upgrade to fully digital repairs and maintenance management.

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There is a new, fully digital way to keep government buildings ticking as the beating heart of our cities. From courthouses to libraries to museums, our platform is built to provide you with a complete building maintenance solution.

Plentific comes with a marketplace of thousands of local, vetted contractors – only a click away from giving your repairs the quality, affordability and trust they deserve.

Lower cost or better service? Have Both.

We’ve proven it’s possible to provide better, faster repairs at a lower cost. And with it, you can increase the efficiency of your team and support the local contractor community, too.

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Flexible delivery, in a single platform.

Choose to send jobs to our marketplace of vetted local trade businesses, your internal workforce, or your preferred contractor. Easily compare costs, service quality and speed between your own contractors and the Plentific marketplace.

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See our platform in action.

Get a free, fast walk-through of our product tailored to your organization. Learn how partnering with Plentific can help you transform your operations.

Lower costs

Get up to 5 competitive quotes on every work order β€” and drive savings in facilities maintenance and service operations.

Faster fixes

Create a work order in under 2 minutes. Find the right contractor, award and complete – all in one day.

Agile supply chain

Deliver better, faster repairs without the worry of capacity constraints – with a supply chain capable of handling unforeseen events.

An all-in-one solution.



Your questions answered.

Are all compliance types included?

Yes, this includes the β€˜big 6’ - gas, electric, fire, LOLER, asbestos, legionella. Additional compliance types can also be incorporated and it is modular based. 

Can the system provide a 'Golden Thread' of information?

Yes, the system builds an audit trail.

Can additional auditing capabilities be done through the platform?

Yes - any and all compliance certification can be audited internally and externally. Alternatively, an external auditor can access the platform and review real certification in real time. 

Can you separate by compliance types / is it modular?

Yes, our solution is modular based, with a sliding scale matrix with additional portfolio sizes. 

Do you work with any contractors that already use the App?

Yes, we have multiple mid-size contractors that are already using the app for a number of contracts - we can also assist with tender exercises using our revolutionary software. 

Can time and cost savings be generated by using the compliance module?

Yes - we can evidence both cost and efficiency savings via an ROI calculation.