Breaking down barriers for great local trade businesses.

Introducing a revolutionary new way to access big contract work from UK’s largest housing providers.

No lengthy tendering. No fees.


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In partnership 



A revolutionary new framework for big contract work.

We know that contract work from large landlords often comes with lengthy processes, expensive bids and tough contracts that prevent great local businesses from growing – and landlords from providing the best possible service.

We're on a mission to change that.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Notting Hill Genesis and Peabody to create a new kind of procurement framework that brings the big contract work right to you, without the hassle.

1000's of exclusive jobs
Get a consistent stream of jobs that are exclusive to our platform and pre-approved by property managers.
That means if your quote gets accepted, you do the job. No haggling, or wasted journeys.

Grow with us
Get access to work that, until now, has often only been accessible to Tier-1 contractors and required lengthy, expensive bids or scary SLAs.
We’ve dealt with all the issues that come with big contracts – so you don’t have to.

No fees
Did we mention that it’s completely free to join – and to bid on work? 
No fees, no tricks, no catches. The DPS Marketplace is open to any qualifying trade business, no matter the size. 

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Download our guide today. Inside, you'll find a detailed explanation of the framework and how to join.

We take you through the required documents and entry criteria, step-by-step, and give you useful tips for a successful application.

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Learn more about the DPS Marketplace and how to join.

Your questions, answered.

What is the DPS Marketplace?

Our DPS Marketplace is designed for large landlords to purchase services from an approved “pool” of contractors. It’s similar to an approved supplier list, but you can join this list at any time provided that you meet the requirements, which are more rigorous than those in our Open Marketplace.

What is the Open Marketplace?

By joining the DPS Marketplace, you'll also gain access to our Open Marketplace, which has a wide range of repair and maintenance work outside of the DPS Marketplace. Requirements to join the Open Marketplace are less restrictive than those for the DPS Marketplace.

Does it cost to join or to use?

Not at all.

The DPS Marketplace is free to join.

It’s also free to bid for work. And you’ll never be billed for commission on this scheme.

What trades can join?

We are looking for contractors across a wide range of trades, including plumbers, electricians, gas engineers, carpenters, painters and decorators, joiners, roofers, glaziers, locksmiths, cleaners and many more.

Is my business eligible to apply?

This opportunity is available to all trade businesses, no matter the size.

To apply, we'll ask you to submit information about your business and the required documents, such as Waste Carrier Licence and asbestos training certification.

Can I get help with my application?

Of course – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Simply book a callback and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you through the application process should you get stuck.

What our members say.

Plentific works for us. When you invoice, you get the money pretty much straight away. You don’t have to wait 30 - 60 days.
James Cooper, Operations Manager
Olli Group

What our members say.

Gets you loads of jobs, lots of leads, easy to use and it’s easy to get paid.
Shane Jones, Director
Bison Electrical

What our members say.

We are taking on around double the work we were doing before Plentific. We are grateful for the opportunities Plentific provides and access to clients we never would have interacted with before.
Angela Perkins, Co-owner
Abbins Maintenance