Plentific Guarantee Website Terms and Policies


If you are not happy with the quality of the Guaranteed Professional’s work, we will address your concerns with the Professional to make it right. If resolution is unsuccessful, we will help you find another Guaranteed Professional and cover the original cost of the job, or any repairs to the original work, up to a maximum of £1,000.

The Plentific Guarantee is subject to the following requirements:

  • You’re unsatisfied with the service performed by a Pro. Plentific, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine whether the services were performed in a reasonably unsatisfactory manner.
  • The service was completed within the past 15 days.
  • You must attempt to contact the Pro about addressing the service quality issues and wait at least two business days for a response. Many service satisfaction issues arise from miscommunication of expectations, most Pros want satisfied customers and are willing to quickly address the satisfaction concern to gain repeat customers.
  • Payment for your service was entirely made directly through or partner websites.
  • You make a claim and provide us with documentation supporting your claim within 15 days of service completion(or, if no work was completed, within 15 days of your last attempt to resolve the issue with the Pro).
  • You must submit a service claim to within 15 days of service completion (or, if no work was completed, within 15 days of your last attempt to resolve the issue with the Pro). We cannot review a service claim without having received the submitted form.
  • You follow our claim resolution policies, work with us in good faith, and permit the Pro to attempt to resolve the problem prior to contacting Plentific and, as reasonably requested by Plentific, after you submit your claim. If the remediation process is unsuccessful in resolving the service claim with the original Pro, Plentific will help you find another Guaranteed Professional and cover the original cost of the job, or any repairs to the original work, up to a maximum of £1,000. For any claims higher than £1,000, Plentific provides access to a legal helpline where a legal claims professional will advise on your chances of success in taking the Pro to court, including any compensation you may be able to claim for.
  • The Plentific Guarantee is subject to modification by us and the Guarantee policy in effect on the date you engaged the Plentific Professional will apply to any claim you make related to the services at issue.
  • The Plentific Guarantee is not insurance. No user, customer, professional or third party is an insured or other third party beneficiary under these terms or any insurance policy. To the extent any such parties desire protection beyond the scope of the Plentific Guarantee, they must purchase insurance that will provide sufficient coverage.
  • Guarantee claims will be closed and any rights thereunder terminated, if you are unresponsive for more than five business days.
  • If your claim is based on any changes you make to the scope of work during or after the performance of a service appointment, the Plentific Guarantee may not apply.

After you file a claim with the necessary information, a team will investigate and work with you and the Pro to quickly resolve the issue. Please contact Plentific Support  with any Guarantee enquires. You will receive an update on your claim in 1-2 business days.

Plentific Guarantee Claim Restrictions and Limitations

The following situations are not covered by the Plentific Guarantee:

  • The service was never performed.
  • Although frustrating, dissatisfaction with pricing, difficulty in scheduling, late start time or a Pro’s slow responsiveness are not elements of service quality satisfaction. Customers dissatisfied with these performance elements are encouraged to submit a Pro review evaluating these elements for such Pro
  • Any portion of the service transaction was performed outside of, such as up-sells or trip charges.
  • Claims not documented in entirety using the Plentific Guarantee claim form.
  • Product claim unrelated to the service.
  • Service was completed more than 15 days before date of filing.
  • Claims caused by prior service or provider not already covered by the Plentific Guarantee.
  • Loss of materials or tools and any additional property owned by the professional or homeowner that are used on the job.
  • Unforeseeable or latent defects in the premises.
  • Only one service claim may be submitted for each purchase. You are only permitted to receive up to two refunds per calendar year. Customers are not limited in the number of claims that may be initiated during a calendar year.
  • The Plentific Guarantee is not transferable.
  • You agree that acceptance of a Plentific Guarantee refund represents your full release of Plentific Ltd of all known or unknown claims, complaints promises, cause of actions, costs, losses and expenses whatsoever, existing now or in the future, under any applicable law.