Network Homes x Plentific.

Network Homes has been using Plentific since June 2022 to manage over three quarters of its 22,000 property portfolio, ensuring rapid turnaround times for work orders,instant communication with contractors, reliable services for its residents and better business decisions.

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of all bookings made using Plentific are attended, ensuring safer homes
of all repairs raised with Plentific are completed within KPI timeframes
unique local contractors have been hired using Plentific’s marketplace

A trusted, real-time digital partner.

Immediate communication with contractors

Network Homes can instantly message job details to contractors, receive quotes fast and dispatch jobs in a matter of minutes.

Technology designed to be personable

Property managers at Network Homes have found that turnaround times with Plentific often exceed expectations.


Advanced analytics for better decisions

Network Homes team members gain a set of advanced analytics tools focused on job analysis and building reports.

Network Homes x Plentific.


"It’s just really, really easy.  I think pretty much most things on Plentific are just a few clicks away, and that’s my favourite thing about it. One click, two clicks and you’re there.”


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