Phoenix Gas x Plentific.

Learn how Phoenix Gas Services, a family-run trade company, uses Gas Safety by Plentific to share information seamlessly with clients, maintain a complete audit trail and evidence compliance securely, remotely and digitally.

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Delivery percentage for emergency jobs
delivery percentage for for urgent jobs
first-time access rate using Gas Safety

A trusted, real-time digital partner.

Transparency and a full audit trail

The Phoenix team is able to monitor engineers, capture key data remotely and share this with clients, all from the same app. 

Instant communication and centralised data

Once an engineer completes the works needed on site, a notification is sent to Gas Safety, which is then relayed to both Phoenix and the client in real time.


An intuitive, all-digital dashboard

Gas Safety’s dashboard is designed to walk any new user through the process of how to monitor and manage records of compliance across multiple properties.

Phoenix Gas x Plentific.


"I always try and cite to clients the USP of having Gas Safety by Plentific - that it is the intermediate software that sits between the client system, the contractor system, and it should be where all the data is centrally stored."


Download the Phoenix Gas case study.

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