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“It is the most exciting thing that's happened in our housing sector in over 20 years. Our residents love the fact that their tradesperson might be somebody that lives in their street, which means they get a better service because these are local people providing services for local people.”

"Plentific has worked very, very well for us.. Easy to use. It's very efficient. My account manager is extremely helpful. He's always been at the end of the phone. I’ve got no issues so far and we had a million pound turnover in the last year."

“I have never had such professional work done at my property in the 17 years I have been here. The work is outstanding. Such nice, friendly, genuine people, shame others can’t take a leaf out of Plentific’s book.”

"Plentific in a word? Complete. It brings forward the type of work we need, the client we need, makes the process simple, takes out any problems. It’s a model I like - I can contact them and ask them what more can I do? They appreciate that I’m trying to do more and want to work with me to achieve that."

"It’s been great from the start. The jobs come through well, the communication is reliable. The payments are fantastic and fast - that’s one of the biggest bonuses of using Plentific.”

"My experience so far using Plentific has been great, a very user-friendly platform. I don’t think I have experienced such a hands-on, supportive, experienced account manager, the level of support / training / guidance he provides is beyond great – we look forward to growing with you all."



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Discover how Notting Hill Genesis works with Plentific to transform resident satisfaction.


Explore how Peabody works with Plentific to digitalise work order management and gather rich insight.


Learn how DBRS and Sons achieved exceptional growth with Plentific.

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