The future of compliance management in housing.

Our first PropertyLab sprint brought leaders in Housing together to uncover opportunities to revolutionise compliance and remediation. 

Join our webinar to get an exclusive first look at a new approach to FRAs and compliance management that brings disparate processes together, ensures tenant safety, operational efficiency and decision-making.

When: 2 pm, Tuesday, 14 July

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Webinar agenda.

Improving compliance coordination and continuity
Learn how leading housing organisations record and resolve issues, and how a new approach will transform compliance records and operational overheads.

Transforming certification across the sector
We believe certification is due an overhaul. Hear from key organisations on how a lack of continuity impacts operations and ultimately tenant safety.

Finding opportunities for optimisation and automation
Get an in-depth look into how housing leaders process and resolve compliance issues, and the opportunities they see to optimise and automate processes.

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Get insights into how leading housing providers tackle compliance, the challenges they face and opportunities to transform it.

Explore opportunities for automating action. Understand challenges in data transparency and reporting. And discover an action oriented framework for compliance.

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Making compliance easy.

A single system and a single source of truth

Our approach brings all areas of compliance together for housing providers and contractors. It means less friction. Radical transparency. Live status reports for an entire portfolio, across all areas – at any time.

The result? Better insights. Faster decision making. Lower costs. And most importantly, safer tenants.


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