Team management

Maximise your team's potential.

Manage your whole team on one secure platform — keep track of who is working on which job and control individual permission settings.

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Store all your team members' contact information in one place.


Assign team members individual permissions so you can control who has access to what.


Filter jobs by team member for a clear picture of who's doing what — and when.

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Increase productivity.

Plan work around your team’s capacity. Easily assign operatives based on skillset and availability. Unassigned jobs are grouped together so you know where to focus next.

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Maximise potential.

Maintain full visibility and control over your team’s calendar. See who’s overbooked, and who has capacity to do more jobs — so you can maximise their team’s potential.

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“Plentific works for us. When you invoice, you get the money pretty much straight away. You don’t have to wait 30-60 days.”

“Gets you loads of jobs, lots of leads, easy to use and it’s easy to get paid.”

“We’re taking on around double the work we were doing before Plentific. We are grateful for the opportunities Plentific provides and access to clients we never would have interacted with before.”

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