A revolutionary approach to repairs & maintenance.

Plentific, Notting Hill Genesis and Peabody have partnered to transform the way large landlords procure, manage and deliver outstanding resident services.

This OJEU-compliant approach makes it easy for large landlords to procure. It unlocks repairs and maintenance contracts for local businesses. And it enables faster, better services that bring economic opportunities to local areas.


In partnership.

Over 950,000 properties in the UK, Germany and the US are managed through our platform.

Dynamic procurement, brought to you by Notting Hill Genesis, Peabody and Plentific.

This revolutionary, OJEU-compliant scheme makes it easy for large landlords to open contracts to trade businesses of all sizes. Plentific's proven marketplace management expertise gives landlords access to a flexible, agile workforce that matches organisational demand at any time.

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The DPS Marketplace in action.

Watch how landlords, local trades and residents come together to make the DPS Marketplace a true revolution for housing communities across the nation.


Key benefits.

Better services for residents & leaseholders.

We believe it’s possible to transform the way that housing repair and maintenance services are procured, managed and resolved across the UK. For residents, it means better experiences and faster service, delivered by local businesses at fairer prices.

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Community opportunities.

We’re bringing business building, starting and training opportunities to local areas – driving economic and social outcomes for communities by providing services directly to their residents.

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Breaking down barriers for local trade businesses.

Our DPS Marketplace is free to join and bid for work. We simply provide contractors easy access to work that’s previously required tricky, expensive tenders and difficult service level agreements.


A transformative approach for landlords.

Deliver better service, at lower cost. Transform your operations through a revolutionary new marketplace approach and a cutting-edge platform that offers smart capacity and simple management.


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Repairs Manager

Discover a transformative way to manage and procure responsive repair services from an approved marketplace of contractors.



Access big contract work from UK’s largest housing providers, without lengthy tendering, SLA hassle or fees.

What our landlords say.

“Working with Plentific, we’ve seen first hand the streamlined digital approach it creates for maintaining and managing properties. We’ve seen a great deal of valuable time and resource saved already.”

Andy Belton
Notting Hill Genesis

What our members say.

“Plentific works for us. When you invoice, you get the money pretty much straight away. You don’t have to wait 30-60 days.”

James Cooper
Olli Group
James Cooper Olli

What residents say.

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond your call of duty to do a great job and provide excellent quality customer service. They even contacted to find a convenient time. I feel valued and supported as a resident and I’m a very satisfied and happy customer.”