Plentific integrates with the systems you use every day.

It’s fast, it’s seamless and plays well with your existing property management software.

Need to make your systems smarter? Give your operations complete transparency? Supercharge your existing systems and add procurement flexibility by easily integrating with Plentific.

Keep everything running in sync.

Integrating our tech into your systems is easy. Multiple client systems can programmatically create work orders in Plentific using our API and Webhooks.

Record all changes to the status of a work order and get real-time notifications within your own systems. Measure the performance of your assets with the comfort of data accuracy.

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Developers' Guide.

Access the API guide and other resources for Developers.

Our most popular integrations.


Adding a webhook to your account will allow you to get instant data updates about each work order, triggered in real time when events happen.

Event tracking.

Plentific allows Admin users to set up a webhook URL in their Plentific dashboard settings. You can easily select which events and triggers you want to receive webhook updates for.


Setting events.

In your webhook settings, you can track a number of events including work orders created and cancelled, quotes received and accepted, and invoices overdue, received and paid.

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More about our integrations.

Proven connectivity

Creating first-class customer experiences is what we pride ourselves on. Our integration is plug and play, which means you get immediate peace of mind with proven connectivity and customisation from the get-go. Our software is built with extensibility and integration in mind. 

Integrating our platform with your existing housing management software means better data consistency and operational efficiency when creating, tracking and paying for services.

Using our open API and webhooks, IT departments can build connections across their existing systems. The Plentific engineering team is always available to advise on best use of our API or to create a sandbox environment to test the link between systems.

Job creation

The Plentific API enables programmatic creation of jobs, with the ability to receive inbound information from other housing management solutions. The Plentific engineering team can create a Sandbox environment, allowing customers to test the API before rolling it out across an organisation. Once set up, any work order raised in a property manager’s CRM will be sent to Plentific automatically, driving operational efficiency.

Checking job status

Our platform can provide real-time updates on the status of any work order as it progresses through the platform through a webhook URL. These webhook event triggers cover the lifecycle of a work order, providing property managers freedom to customise updates. Webhooks enables your CRM to sync seamlessly with our platform.

Property and resident data

Property and resident data can be passed via the Plentific API, so that any addition or change in an asset management system can be immediately reflected in our platform. This ensures that data is up-to-date in both platforms automatically, reducing the need for resource-intensive data cleansing. Plentific’s API documentation covers POST, PUT, GET and DELETE methods for both asset and resident data.