Appointed Contractor

Manage existing contractor relationships with ease.

Manage work orders for your existing contractual relationships on a single dashboard – both DLOs and external contractors. Invite them to the platform to keep all of your work orders in one place.

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Configure rules tailored to your needs.

Manage the types of work covered by your appointed contractors, as well as which properties are covered within the rules.

Define requirements such as whether the contractor needs to provide a quote for each job, or whether your rules should only be triggered for emergency jobs.

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See it all in one place.

Bring compliance, repairs and voids works data together from existing suppliers and DLOs into a fully auditable solution.
With a single source of data, get improved insight into your entire portfolio, for greater operational efficiencies and lower costs. 
Run reports based on your delivery methods to establish the efficacy and service delivery of your contractual arrangements.
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Trusted by the biggest names in the industry.

Over 950,000 properties in the UK and Germany are managed through our platform

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Automated triaging

A detailed but easy to use issue triage flow means work orders can be automatically sent to your contractor when specific conditions are met. That means faster response times for your tenants and less admin for your team.

Tracking and reporting

Run analytics reports to ensure your contractors are meeting the terms of their SLA.

Guaranteed delivery

If an SLA is not being met by a contractor, you can fix urgent issues quickly by assigning works to reliable, verified contractors on the Plentific marketplace.

“Working with Plentific, we’ve seen first hand the streamlined digital approach it creates for maintaining and managing properties. We’ve seen a great deal of valuable time and resource saved already.”

“Plentific allows local and professional tradespeople to quote for repairs. Each contractor is both verified and insured. We are finding Plentific quicker, cheaper and more convenient for the tenant.”

“Best service I’ve ever had. I’ve gone from being on hold for up to an hour, to my call being answered within 2 minutes and the job being done on the same day! Contractors were very good and job done perfectly.”