Resident repairs reimagined.

Give residents control with your white-label, branded solution. Plentific's Resident Manager empowers residents and property managers to collaborate for faster issue resolution.

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Simple. Accurate. Powerful.


Trusted by the biggest names in the industry.

Over 950,000 properties in the UK and Germany are managed through our platform

Guided issue diagnosis.

A simple step-by-step tool allows residents to intuitively and accurately define their issue – with added support for pictures, audio and video.

Always up-to-date.

Residents get email, SMS notifications at every stage for real-time repair tracking, easy rescheduling and no more missed appointments.

Trusted feedback.

Residents are auto-prompted to leave a review on job completion. Track resident feedback for meaningful insights on every repair.

Watch Resident Manager in action.

Get a free, fast walk-through of Plentific Resident Manager – tailored to your organisation. Learn how partnering with Plentific could help you transform your operations.

The DPS Marketplace.

Plentific, Notting Hill Genesis and Peabody have partnered to transform the way large landlords procure, manage and deliver outstanding resident services. All in a single, easy-to-procure, OJEU-compliant package.


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"Working with Plentific, we’ve seen first hand the streamlined digital approach it creates for maintaining and managing properties. We’ve seen a great deal of valuable time and resource saved already."

"Plentific allows local and professional tradespeople to quote for repairs. Each contractor is both verified and insured. We are finding Plentific quicker, cheaper and more convenient for the tenant."

"Best service I’ve ever had. I’ve gone from being on hold for up to an hour, to my call being answered within 2 minutes and the job being done on the same day! Contractors were very good and job done perfectly."

Your questions answered.

Are all compliance types included?

Yes, this includes the ‘big 6’ - gas, electric, fire, LOLER, asbestos, legionella. Additional compliance types can also be incorporated and it is modular based. 

Can the system provide a 'Golden Thread' of information?

Yes, the system builds an audit trail.

Can additional auditing capabilities be done through the platform?

Yes - any and all compliance certification can be audited internally and externally. Alternatively, an external auditor can access the platform and review real certification in real time. 

Can you separate by compliance types / is it modular?

Yes, our solution is modular based, with a sliding scale matrix with additional portfolio sizes. 

Do you work with any contractors that already use the App?

Yes, we have multiple mid-size contractors that are already using the app for a number of contracts - we can also assist with tender exercises using our revolutionary software. 

Can time and cost savings be generated by using the compliance module?

Yes - we can evidence both cost and efficiency savings via an ROI calculation.