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For every landlord, resident satisfaction should be a key measure of success. But do landlords understand how their residents really feel? Our research reveals the trends, attitudes and behaviours prevalent for UK renters in both the Social and Private Sector to help landlords transform how resident services are delivered.

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Learn how you can use Plentific to offer residents better services at lower costs. Create and manage work orders seamlessly. Allocate them to your contractors, DLO or our marketplace of local trade specialists.

See how gathering rich data on every property in a portfolio can offer you insights like never before - for better reporting, reconciliation and decision making.


Discover resident views on the quality of their homes.

Learn how interaction with landlords impacts their satisfaction.

Find the latest stats on repairs and compliance in both sectors.


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What our landlords say.

"NHG and Plentific began working together in 2017. The DPS Marketplace is the latest example of how this type of partnership is helping to us to modernise our services and to work with local companies in our communities to improve outcomes for our residents."

Andy Belton, COO
Notting Hill Genesis

What our contractors say.

"Plentific works for us. When you invoice, you get the money pretty much straight away. You don’t have to wait 30 - 60 days."

James Cooper, Operations Manager
Olli Group
James Cooper Olli-1

What residents say.

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond your call of duty to do a great job and provide excellent quality customer service. They even contacted to find a convenient time. I feel valued and supported as a resident and I’m a very satisfied and happy customer."