A warm, safe space might be the first step towards tackling youth homelessness. But maintaining these spaces and cultivating a strong sense of community around them can make all the difference. Learn how Plentific is working with Centrepoint to accomplish this.

Housing assistance that's future-focused.


As the UK's leading youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint provides so much more than a roof to the 15,000 homeless youths it supports each year.

Focusing on the root causes of homelessness helps the charity better understand each unique case - and no two are ever the same. Sifting truth from preconceived notions of homelessness is key to building resilient, unmatched solutions for impressionable 16-25 year olds.

Centrepoint doesn't conceal the harsher realities of youth homelessness. In fact, in tackling this national issue head on, Centrepoint takes a fact-based approach - pioneering the Youth Homelessness Databank as the 'one source of truth' about youth homelessness.

In keeping with this ethos, Centrepoint also shares real stories - open, honest accounts that empower young people to seek the help and shelter they need, without ever feeling like they're alone.

The charity provides life skills, education, training and employment to young people, but acknowledges that safe and sustainable accommodation is the critical first step in breaking the homelessness cycle.

A shared vision.


Plentific's central tenet has always been make property work better for everyone. Since 2013, we've been driven to seek out causes that create measurable social value in property - whether its supporting homeless people intro trades roles, helping local economies flourish or improving the lives of social housing residents by bringing them award-winning repairs and maintenance services.

We're proud that our recent partnership with Centrepoint lets us continue reinforcing our values and improving lives with our technology - one repair at a time.

Centrepoint will now be supported by Plentific’s technology to manage the repairs and maintenance work of its youth accommodation.

Working with Plentific.


Through the platform, the charity will be connected to a marketplace of fully-vetted, local trade professionals able to carry out jobs with unmatched quality. Centrepoint will also have greater oversight of all works-in-progress and works required, through a single dashboard.

As well as digitalising the repairs and maintenance process, Plentific will also provide Centrepoint unparalleled insight into how its properties are performing.

This information will enable Centrepoint's property managers to better understand its needs across the entire organisation and make more informed decisions, allowing the team to spend more time on the work that matters - supporting young people in transforming their lives.

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