Colin Bibra Estate Agents, one of West London’s leading independent estate agents, has selected Plentific to manage the compliance of its block management portfolio.

The company has over 30 years of local expertise, spanning lettings management, residential estate management, and selling and renting property. With Plentific’s platform, Colin Bibra can ensure the safety of tenants and regulatory compliance across its portfolio.

Colin Bibra’s experienced team sought a digital partner to provide the highest level of service to its clients as well as helping them, as a letting agency, remain compliant in an ever changing regulatory environment. The agency selected Plentific’s end-to-end Fire Risk Assessment solution to gain a single source of compliance truth across its portfolio as well as complete any remedial works through its contractor marketplace. The Plentific Marketplace enables clients to complete remedial actions in time avoiding non-compliant units.

Fire Safety, a module within Plentific’s Compliance Manager solution, enables users to streamline and automate their Fire Risk Assessments (FRA). Managers can monitor and manage the compliant status of their FRAs, including those that are due or overdue. They can quickly address flagged actions and see an overview of the FRA compliant status, reducing the risk of late assessments and safety checks.

“Nowhere is fire safety more important than in high-rise residential buildings. With legislation changing at pace, we are always looking to simplify compliance processes, enabling clients to demonstrate value to landlords and keep an audit of vital information. And beyond compliance, this is about saving lives,” said Cem Savas, CEO and Co-Founder, Plentific.

In addition to the Fire Safety product, Colin Bibra has introduced Plentific’s Repairs Manager and Resident Manager for efficient and responsive repairs and Inspections Manager to conduct regular inspections of their blocks and identify necessary repairs and maintenance. Tenants can submit photos and videos through self-service repair requests for the estate management team to rapidly assess and address.

Colin Bibra can use Plentific’s integrated supply chain for required works. The platform can be used to manage in-house teams and appointed contractors or tap into a dedicated marketplace of 20,000 high-quality contractors, including those qualified to conduct FRA-related remedial works. Procurement and supplier vetting costs are eliminated, resolution time for remedial works is minimised to hours, and there is a complete audit trail.

Michael Hadi-Talab, MIRPM - Head of Estate Management, Colin Bibra Estate Agents said, “This partnership reflects our commitment to ensuring the highest standards in safety and compliance. With Plentific’s platform, we can streamline administrative tasks, repairs, and compliance processes. This will help us focus the efforts of our estate management team on tasks that add value to clients and safeguard tenants.”

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