Our shared mission of creating stronger communities will ensure operational standards remain at the forefront of residents' needs.

Social housing organisations have an ever-important role to play within our communities, however, with increasing pressures within the sector, it has become difficult for them to deliver upon their social purpose. With changing legislation, social pressures and new technological solutions, it has become extremely noisy for these organisations to navigate and provide solutions for prevalent sector issues.

Fortunately, organisations such as the National Housing Federation have a long-standing reputation for providing a voice of reason amongst the noise. They provide understanding, anticipate the critical issues that affect businesses, and help shape national policy to create an environment that promotes common values and vision within the sector.

We are proud to be named one of the National Housing Federation’s approved suppliers for repairs and maintenance, inspections, voids management, compliance, resident management, and advanced analytics. Our partnership endeavours to help housing organisations increase their operational standards to meet residents' needs and deliver upon their social purpose.

Transforming communities with advanced SaaS technology

Our mission is to provide exceptional experiences for residents by providing the industry's most connected platform. Our award-winning SaaS technology has a proven track record of supporting organisations to deliver operational excellence and remain compliant. This is supported by a growing marketplace of specialist contractors that set new standards for incredible service delivery.

We endeavour to adhere to today's immediacy with our cutting-edge technology by providing an advanced end-to-end solution. Our industry expertise enables real-time property operations and delivery of six key solutions: work order management, contractor sourcing and management, landlord-tenant communication, real-time analytics, compliance management and property audits and inspections.

Our shared mission of championing social housing values

Alongside the National Housing Federation, we proudly champion social housing values and support them in delivering their social purpose to the community. Here’s how:
  • Community-driven - we build strong communities where people can thrive through more habitable and safer housing for a better quality of life.
  • Sustainability - we are passionate about delivering better sustainability outcomes by increasing the number of compliant and qualified tradespeople required to retrofit the UK’s existing housing stock.
  • Connectedness - seamlessly integrate our software with your current systems to see real-time updates and keep everything running in sync. Our technology connects landlords, property managers, contractors and residents to provide a high level of communication, service and resident satisfaction.
If you are interested in how our technology can support your organisation in implementing operational excellence, then get in touch with one of our experts.