In the last year, we’ve been working closely with Peabody to transform customer journeys for its residents by focusing on a few key areas.

About Peabody.

The Peabody Group owns and manages more than 66,000 homes across London and the South East. The housing provider also has over 18,000 care and support customers. With a diverse range of customers including tenants and leaseholders, Peabody’s aim is to offer better digital access and it has been modernising its services to improve the customer experience for repairs.

Working with Plentific: Key facts and figures.

We worked closely with Peabody’s operational teams to challenge their operating model, tackle visibility of works, issues with call centres and resident communication - which were impacting the customer repairs journey KPIs. Here are the outcomes.

New technological solutions.

Following a demo, Plentific’s web-based platform impressed Peabody enough that their team took a considerably agile approach to implementation. In just six days, they mobilised a team of seven in their customer contact centre to manage the platform. This was typically a three month process for Peabody, but they were able to prove the platform’s validity in a very short period of time. Many factoring challenges were managed through fantastic partnership working. Plentific was on site for the start of the trial to support.

"The idea is firstly to provide choice and control to residents, enabling them using the Plentific platform. Customer satisfaction using the system so far is close to 90%”

Ashling Fox | Chief Operating Officer at Peabody

Delivering great customer service.

Plentific’s dashboard offered one source of truth for all customer communication - so follow-up conversations with customers became easier to manage. Repair works and contractors could be tracked precisely to offer customers full visibility and scheduling updates. Peabody’s customer service satisfaction company held 176 phone interviews shortly after to analyse and compare results to a large incumbent contractor. Both ‘first time fix’ and repairs satisfaction was significantly higher with residents.

Strong innovation partners.

Peabody took a cohesive and dynamic approach with the Plentific team to carry out a major trial. 650 repairs were delivered in a week across London, covering 24,000 properties, managed entirely on the Plentific dashboard. This effortlessly met all customer demand and the overall feedback from customers was to “keep doing what you’re doing”. Since this successful trial, a total of 16,500 jobs have been completed using Plentific, with average completion time as of March 2020 being under 10 days.

"“I have never had such professional work done at my property in the 17 years I have been here. Outstanding. Arrived when stated. Cleaned up after themselves and such nice, friendly, genuine men.”

Resident | Peabody

A radical new way to deliver services. 

Plentific’s platform gave Peabody access to thousands of local contractors, significantly improving their capacity to deliver repairs quickly – in many cases allowing them to complete repair visits on the same day. 170 unique contractors have been used since October 2019. It’s also essential that Peabody learns and understands its customers’ evolving needs and expectations and rich data from the Plentific platform continues to provide key learnings.

Peabody is also able to get direct feedback from front line teams to improve Plentific’s development as a tool and to continually improve its own customer service.

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