Additions of Electrical Safety and Fire Safety bring all compliance data into a single platform to increase resident safety and ensure transparency

LONDON - 2nd July 2021 - Plentific, the leading platform for smart property management, has today announced an enhanced compliance product suite with the release of Electrical Safety and Fire Safety tools. The new solutions are part of Plentific’s Compliance Manager suite and join its existing Gas Safety product to provide real-time transparency across critical areas of compliance with powerful risk management and data insights. At a time when building safety is top of the agenda for housing providers, the enhanced compliance product suite will allow landlords to gain critical assurance that they remain compliant. 

The need to enhance resident safety has risen up the agenda for government and housing providers in recent years and legislation to strengthen safety measures is now in progress. The Fire Safety Act 2021 and Building Safety Bill both increase the responsibility of building owners and landlords to ensure properties are safe and boost the checks required to provide a greater level of assurance. At the same time, The charter for social housing residents: social housing white paper, released at the end of 2020, sets out the need for greater resident engagement in building safety to ensure occupiers feel safe in their homes. 

The vast majority of landlords are committed to ensuring their residents have a safe and well-maintained home to live in, but often missing is a clear and consistent oversight of the steps taken and areas of risk. Legacy systems are often being used, which don’t integrate with each other and require huge amounts of manual intervention and paperwork. As legislation is tightened and transparency becomes more critical, landlords and housing providers need to be able to quickly understand any gaps and remediate issues. With multiple, disconnected systems and pieces of paper, that simply isn’t possible."

Cem Savas, CEO and co-founder of Plentific 

Plentific’s Compliance Manager provides a single source of truth, offering real-time transparency, accountability, and insight into all key areas of compliance from a single dashboard. With the additions of Electrical Safety and Fire Safety, landlords will gain a deeper understanding of the compliance needs of their portfolio. 

  • Fire Safety provides the ability to assess the fire risk for any asset and promptly resolve any issues in order to remain compliant. All information regarding Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) is uploaded to the platform, including any actions surfaced during the assessment. From there, landlords and property managers can raise follow up tasks or work orders against one or multiple actions to be carried out by their internal team or chosen contractors. Housing providers can also take a predictive approach to expiring FRAs with automated renewal procedures and the performance dashboard provides an easily accessible overview of portfolio compliance levels, with the ability to report on and audit all actions taken. 
  • Electrical Safety provides a geotagged, time and date stamped audit trail of all electrical works including key asset condition information and evidence of access attempts for checks. It acts as a central repository for Electrical Installation Condition Reports, Minor Work Certificates and EICs and its dashboard offers an overview of all work completed, outstanding and in progress. In addition, Plentific’s operative app has been designed to capture real-time, standardised electrical safety data, increasing productivity and reducing paperwork. 

Combined with Gas Safety, Plentific’s Compliance Manager provides landlords with a powerful and in-depth understanding of the compliance position of both individual properties, as well as their entire portfolio. With real-time assurance and an audit trail that exceeds regulatory expectations, housing providers can be confident that their properties and residents are safe. 

 We’ve been impressed by Plentific’s Gas Safety tool and are delighted that it is now expanding its compliance solutions. Plentific’s Compliance Manager offers innovation in compliance reporting, streamlining the process and reducing the need for spreadsheets. That, combined with the fact we can receive instant compliance checks from all parties in real-time, will transform our processes. What has been truly impressive is Plentific’s commitment to working with its clients in developing solutions. HPG has been involved from the initial concept for Electrical Safety, as have trained electrical operatives. As a result, the product will be user-friendly and offer a solution to the challenges faced by both housing providers and operatives.”

Steve Ujma, Group Electrical Manager, Housing Plus Group

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