With PropertyLab, we're bringing change-makers from Property and PropTech together to develop innovative solutions that produce rapid results and create long-term strategic impact in the housing sector. 

In our first PropertyLab sprint, we looked into the challenges within compliance management and remediation, which taught us a lot about the importance of having integrated systems for data collection and reporting. It also revealed that a key issue for many customers - and the root of many complaints - is the lack of autonomy residents have in the management of their own home. 

We identified a huge opportunity here to bring the housing industry in line with the self-serving, customer-centric experience now found across retail, e-commerce and finance. Plus a huge chance to link this to an organisation’s repairs and maintenance operation. 

Enhancing resident experience and automating self-service

As we launch our second sprint, we’re working with a new cohort of leaders across property to develop new processes and technology to improve the resident experience. We’ll take an in-depth look at how self-serve can be used to diagnose issues, create faster resolutions and reduce cost.

Key topics

A customer portal that delights

We’re exploring how a new customer-facing portal can improve the resident experience. How can organisations shift control into the hands of the resident? Identifying faults, booking appointments and understanding their property stands from a compliance perspective.

Full cycle experience

How can we connect the dots; from managing work orders, to report diagnostics, to passing things off to the supply chain - all from raise to resolution. What could the impact be on your operational efficiency, and how can customer satisfaction increase with improved autonomy?

First hand feedback

We’re exploring how to set up optimal feedback loops that collect the insights on the people that matter. How to ask the right questions, when to ask them, and what to do with the answers to drive real improvements. 

Meet the cohort

Our latest cohort in the PropertyLab programme will come together to find a solution to enhance the resident experience. We have representatives from a range of organisations, including:


Established in 2015, ForLiving offers high quality homes across the North West of England, stretching from the Fylde Coast in Lancashire to Knowsley in Merseyside and Salford. 


Rethinking what shared living and city living should be, Neighbourhood places an emphasis on delivering shared homes with everything residents need to live, work and play. 

Magenta Living

Magenta Living owns and manages circa 13,000 properties in Wirral. Magenta is a significant local employer with an emphasis on customer service excellence. 

Karbon Homes

With a portfolio of almost 30,000 properties in the North East of England and Yorkshire, Karbon Homes is one of the largest housing associations to join this cohort.

North Star HG

North Star NG provides affordable housing, invests in local communities and develops new homes across the Tees Valley, North Yorkshire and County Durham.

Guinness Partnership

Operating in 155 local authorities throughout England, Guinness Partnership offers affordable rental and ownership properties to support diverse communities.

Believe Housing

Covering 862 square miles of the North East of England, Believe Housing focuses on providing local housing service to fit local housing needs. 


For over 70 years, A2Dominon has been building and maintaining quality homes in London and Southern England for rent, social or supported housing and shared ownership. 


RHP manages over 10,000 homes and properties in London. They launched the UK’s first fully digital housing service in 2016, titled RHPi.


ForViva is a not-for-profit housing association passionate about making a difference to people’s lives and challenging inequalities. The company manages over 24,000 homes, across the North West.

"Being a part of the first PropertyLab cohort gave us unique access to insights and best practices from some of the nation's leading housing associations. As part of the upcoming cohort on improving resident experience, we're very excited to work collaboratively again towards developing innovative solutions for our residents – so that they can self-serve, experience faster repairs and have a smoother experience overall."