Here’s how we do our part in making real-estate work better for property managers, letting agents, service providers and tenants.

The sector is changing faster than ever before, with an array of digital solutions now available for letting agents and property managers to choose from. With thousands of companies offering tools that promise to save time, lower costs and generate additional revenue, it can be hard to find a credible, peer-reviewed supplier that upholds industry standards and adheres to best practices.

Fortunately, organisations such as Propertymark have a long-established tradition of identifying and working with renowned suppliers. Propertymark’s Industry Suppliers constitute a network of best-in-class companies, widely recognised by consumers for their credibility and financial protection. Plentific is pleased to be amongst Propertymark's select industry suppliers for repairs, maintenance, inspections, compliance and analytics solutions, in addition to providing a nationwide network of trade professionals. 

Having the ‘Propertymark Protected’ logo guarantees that organisations are choosing a recognised brand that sets the highest standards for an industry service provider.

Award-winning SaaS, now Propertymark endorsed.

Plentific's SaaS technology has won multiple industry accolades and has a proven record of helping clients save on costs, remain compliant and maintain a consistently high reputation amongst tenants and stakeholders.

Plentific is supported by a growing marketplace of specialist contractors that have set a new industry standard for quality, affordability and efficiency in service delivery. They bolster Plentific’s efforts by serving their local communities with incredible results. 

PRS organisations nationwide are experiencing the benefits of digital transformation by using award-winning TouchRight Software, which is part of Plentific. The mobile inspections/reporting tool is specifically designed with PRS in mind, covering all tenancy-related inspections. It provides a host of time-saving features, customisable options and integrates with key industry platforms such as agentOS, Reapit and SME Professional.

What sets Plentific apart from other suppliers? 

While other Propertymark Industry Suppliers offer SaaS repairs and maintenance, and others an industry marketplace, no Propertymark supplier brings these two elements together, like Plentific.

Plentific combines cutting-edge technology, powerful data analytics and deep industry expertise to enable real-time property operations. It provides letting agents and property managers with six key solutions: Work order management, contractor sourcing and management, landlord-tenant communication, real-time analytics, compliance management and property audits and inspections. Combined, these solutions deliver an end-to-end seamless, streamlined process.

Championing housing sector values. 

As a specialist Propertymark supplier, Plentific is proud to champion the sector’s values. Here’s how we do our part in making real-estate work better for property managers, letting agents, service providers and tenants.

  • Real-world impact: We’re passionate about developing people and businesses. In  2023, we reached a new milestone with 20,000 tradespeople on our marketplace 
  • Tenant satisfaction: Plentific aims to achieve at least 75% tenant satisfaction in the managed properties on the platform
  • Diversity and inclusion: We’re working to widen participation and increase the number of women in the trade through our Women’s Trade Network, providing direct mentorship, training and support for at least 10 female tradespeople each year
  • Sustainability: Plentific seeks to deliver better sustainability outcomes by increasing the number of PAS 2035 compliant and qualified tradespeople required to retrofit the UK’s existing housing stock

Look for us on Propertymark’s Industry Suppliers page. We’re also excited to be on the road in the coming weeks and months exhibiting at the ARLA regional conferences across the country. You can find us at:

Manchester Regional Conference - 20th April 2023

Oxford South Central Regional Conference - 27th April 2023

Cardiff - Welsh National Conference - 11th May 2023

London - National Conference Stand 11 - 27th June 2023

If you would like a demo of our platform, or to speak to one of our experts, please get in touch today.