How long does it take to empower your residents? What if there was a way you could enable residents to initiate their own repair requests, yet give property managers complete visibility and control over the process.

Would this create the perfect collaborative environment for faster repairs management?

The need of the hour for residents.


The recent Social Housing White Paper proposes reforms to improve the quality of social housing in England. Its overarching aim is to do so by putting residents at the heart of the home.

One key policy measure from the White Paper proposes strengthening resident engagement. It emphasises seeking out best practices and continuous improvements in how landlords engage with their residents. It also highlights the need to provide residents with a higher standard of customer service.

Whilst this is a goal most social landlords are highly driven to achieve and are actively working towards, it requires infrastructure and investment (and a fair few upgrades to an organisation's technology stack) to be truly successful.

How achievable is it?


The pandemic has revealed how essential it is for large organisations to adapt to the pace of change required in our new normal. Real estate companies are moving away from developing technologies internally because experts say it's just not realistic to build a 20 person team for every point solution needed.

At Plentific, our cloud-based solutions address this very need, with effortless integration into organisations large and small. In the last few years, we've worked closely with landlords of all sizes to build award-winning products for their customers.

It's no coincidence that our latest endeavour is a dedicated tool to empower social housing residents with their repairs and maintenance. And it was all designed in close collaboration with leading change-makers as part of our PropertyLab incubator programme.

Introducing Plentific Resident Manager.

For PropertyLab's second sprint, we worked with experts inside and outside of the housing sector to explore how resident 'self-serve' features could help diagnose issues, create faster resolutions and reduce operating costs.

Get started resident manager

A customer portal that delights.

Our cohort unanimously emphasised the importance of building a customer-facing portal that could shift control into the hands of the resident - empowering them to identify faults, book appointments and understand their property from a compliance perspective.

💡Insight: Our cohort explained that when residents are shown some common issues and fixes, it can often reduce work order requests by more than 20%. We weaved this into our working design prototype.

DIY residents

A full cycle experience.

Our cohort wanted to connect all the dots in the work order process - from raise to resolution. This would both improve customer satisfaction with improved autonomy but also create huge operational efficiencies.

Our Resident Manager product achieves this seamless handoff. Residents can raise a repair with intuitive diagnosis tools, supporting pictures, audio and video, that they can securely send to property managers to clearly explain the issue.

resident manager pictures video

What true collaboration looks like.

Once a resident sends their repair report out, it automatically appears in a property manager's queue, allowing them complete control over what happens next. Can the issue be rectified by the resident themselves? Does it need urgent attention?

Property managers can amend, accept (or deny) and dispatch this repair request to either their appointed contractor or send it to our dedicated marketplace of over 18,000 verified tradespeople.

flip laptop phone resident

First-hand feedback.

Our cohort wanted to create an optimal feedback process that collected insights on each repair.

Our Resident Manager tool enables this with residents being prompted to leave feedback as soon as their repair is completed - making it trusted and honest.

This feedback forms the basis for better, more informed decisions that improve both operations and lives. 

Resident Manager is poised to further the goals of the White Paper by putting residents at the heart of every repair.

review process residents

Resident repairs reimagined.

Discover all the features that empower residents and property managers to collaborate for faster issue resolution. Watch the launch video below.



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