Video Case Studies.

Learn how clients in the private, social and commercial sector are accomplishing more with Plentific.

Featured: L&Q x Plentific.

Learn how L&Q is working with Plentific to battle backlogs, supercharge voids processes and empower property managers to better serve residents.

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Plentific video resources.


Staykeepers x Plentific

Discover how Plentific enables Staykeepers to better manage complex operating journeys with quick tenant and guest turnaround times. 

Network Homes

Network Homes x Plentific

Explore how Plentific enables Network Homes to streamline its work order management and respond to complex works with speed and efficiency.

Phoenix Gas

Phoenix Gas x Plentific

Learn how Phoenix Gas uses Plentific's Gas Safety tool to share information seamlessly with clients, maintain an audit trail and evidence compliance securely and remotely.

Career 3

NHG x Plentific

Learn how NHG transforms its operations and resident service delivery with Plentific.

Career 3(1)

Peabody x Plentific

Explore how Peabody works with Plentific to supercharge its work order management.

Career 3(2)

L&Q x Plentific

Discover how L&Q works with Plentific to tackle backlogs and streamline voids.