The Women’s Trade Network

The Women’s Trade Network is a consortium of organisations working to promote gender equality in trade roles through access to training and employment opportunities.



Our vision.

Currently, just two percent of tradespeople are female and our mission is to change that by increasing gender diversity in the industry and raising awareness of the benefits a career in trade can offer women. 

Organisations from across the industry have come together to support The Women’s Trade Network and work to raise awareness of the opportunities a career in trade offers women and provide access to training, mentorship and employment. 

Through signing The Women’s Trade Network Pledge, membership organisations commit to supporting women in three core areas:

Remove Barriers

Ensure workplaces are inclusive through measures such as flexible working arrangements, equal opportunities and equal pay. 

Empower and Support

Raise awareness of the benefits of a career in trade and help build a network of mentors to empower and support women at the start of their careers.

Increase Access

Provide women access to roles and offer residents the ability to request female operatives in their home.


For women

Our programme is open to any woman who is either interested in a career in trade or is currently qualified and thinking about their next step. It does not matter about her age, background, experience or employment status.

Through our training provider, we offer courses to help you start a career in trade or advance your career in trade, leading to employment prospects that best suit your skills, available time and career goals.

No matter which route is taken, our network is committed to ensuring long-term job opportunities at the end of it, whether that be with a contractor firm, in-house maintenance team or even starting up your own business.


For partners

In order to achieve our aims, we want to work with partners who share our vision on this issue, who are passionate about increasing female representation in trades and who want to make a long-term change to the industry. 

Our partners will be committed to playing an active role in encouraging women into the industry, committing to the ‘Women’s Trade Network Pledge' - a charter signed by all participating organisations to facilitate entry into the industry for women, providing jobs and ongoing support to those who otherwise would not consider it as an option. 


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