Our leadership team is comprised of real estate experts, technology specialists, and world-class business professionals and investors.

Cem Savas

Co-founder and CEO

Emre Kazan

Co-founder and CTO

Lemi Cittone

Director of Operations

Sebastian Donnelly

Chief of Staff

Sven Dunker

Country Manager, Germany

Andrew Bledsoe

Head of US Operations

Michael Dietzel

Vice President of Sales, Germany

Georgina Pierson

Customer Success Director

Mark McKenna

Sales Director - Lettings and Block Managers, UK

Lee Burke

Sales Director - Social Housing, UK

Irene Vozzi

Head of Revenue Operations

Corinna Wells

Head of Customer Operations

Hasan Bayraktar

Head of Product Strategy

Nik Flytzanis

Head of Supply Chain

Leo Iannacone

Head of Engineering

Alessandro Filippi

Head of Design

Alana Harrison

Head of Marketing and Growth

Emily Shaw

Product Lead

Jewgeni Horn

Product Lead

Stephanie Robesky

Product Lead