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A complete inspection solution - digitalized, quick, efficient.

Plentific Inspections is an all-in-one solution to help simplify property inspections, streamline repairs, and compliance. Schedule inspections, complete them in the app, and resolve identified issues efficiently through Plentific’s flexible supply chain. Access all of your data on a single source of truth for better transparency and traceability.

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Trusted by the biggest names in the industry.

Over 950,000 properties in the UK, US, and Germany are managed through our platform.

Speed and flexibility

Streamline labor-intensive inspection reporting and reduce operational overheads by as much as 50%.

A paper-free solution

Generate digital property reports with a range of ready-made templates and remote features to remain paper-free at all times.

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Customized inspection reports

Fine-tune your reporting requirements for turns, periodic checks, move-ins, move-outs, inventory reports, planned maintenance, and more.


Speed up turns and minimize rent loss.

Find the right contractors to complete the job at a reasonable price. Speed up turns and minimize rent loss by turning identified problems into work orders and dispatching them to a nationwide network of vetted contractors.

Maintain all of this information in one place to create a golden thread of information to ensure  you stay organized and deadlines are met.

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Deliver renovations on time and on budget.

One app to ensure your renovations remain on budget and on time. Create a golden thread of information in one place in the form of fully-customizable digital forms, using a range of ready-to-go templates. Leverage a fully-customizable work order management, reporting, and finance management system today.

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“We have been very happy with Inspections Manager and how it has revolutionized the way we inspect our properties, giving us more time to concentrate on providing a detailed inspection report to the landlord in a fraction of the time, without being tied down in unnecessary admin and paperwork. We've increased our productivity, saved time, and added even more value to the high quality, professional services we offer our landlords.”

“A great bit of kit for covering off property inspections quickly but accurately. Feedback from landlord customers since we started using Inspections Manager has been very positive – they get a smart looking report that instills confidence, while we are operating more efficiently with a higher quality inspection report. Would highly recommend to other agents with medium to large sized portfolios.”

“You don’t recognize that change is needed to your routines until something comes along to highlight the possibility. This is how we feel about the Inspections Manager reporting system which has shown us a way to improve the presentation of the reports to our clients, helped us to streamline our house visit arrangements, and generally speaking made life easier!”

Your questions answered.

Who is Inspections Manager suitable for?

Plentific helps a range of property professionals including multifamily and single-family property managers, institutional landlords, real estate agents, contractors, surveyors, and inventory clerks simplify inspections and streamline repairs.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, if you are already using Plentific Repairs or Resident Manager then we can offer a free trial of Plentific Inspections - please contact us to find out more

What types of inspection reports can I create?

Plentific offers a range of default inspection templates including periodic checks, turns, inventory reports, move-in & out inspections, and property conditions and safety inspections. You can also create and customize your own templates based on your business needs. Contact us to find out more.

How is the Plentific’s Inspections solution different from others?

Plentific powers your inspections by delivering a full end-to-end experience, all in one platform. Create inspection reports, record repairs, dispatch works via a contractor marketplace, your preferred vendors or internal workforce and get actionable insights to track compliance and finance control.  

Converting  identified issues into work orders seamlessly to resolve them quickly through Plentific’s marketplace of vetted contractors helps to maximize efficiencies, increase tenant satisfaction, and optimize business performance

Do I need an app to complete inspections?

Yes, the Plentific Inspections app is available to download from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Once inspections have been scheduled on the platform, they will seamlessly sync to the app for completion on-site at a property. For ease of use, reports can also be completed fully on the platform.

Plentific Inspections in numbers.

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Book a demo.

Discover how easy it is to streamline your property inspections through an all in one, easy to use digital platform. Book a demo today and see how you can:

Schedule inspections using your chosen delivery methods, including the marketplace.

Effortlessly turn flagged issues into work orders.

Review inspection reports and report data all in one place.


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