Complete work order management.

Manage every repair, from start to finish, using our cloud-based and mobile-enabled software. Experience an end-to-end solution. All from one screen.

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Trusted by the biggest names in the industry.

Over 950,000 properties globally are managed through our platform

Competitive bidding

Get up to 5 quotes on every job raised, in less time than it takes to identify a single contractor.

Faster repairs

With Plentific, essential repairs, maintenance and turnover work is completed within 5 days on average.

Better communications

Know the status of any job with a click. Easily communicate with contractors and keep residents better informed.

See our platform in action.

Get a free, fast walk-through of our product tailored to your organization. Learn how partnering with Plentific could help you transform your operations.


Your questions answered.

How can Plentific help me manage my property portfolio?

Plentific's combination of property and work order management, as well as a vetted marketplace of quality contractors ensures that:

  • You have full visibility of your property portfolio. Use it to record every decision, issue, action, conversation for better strategic and financial decision making.

  • You improve productivity. Your day-to-day admin, invoicing and emails are now a thing of the past. Plentific offers complete ‘start to finish’ support for every work order so you can automate everyday processes and spend time where it’s needed most.

  • You deliver outstanding service. Full visibility means no more duplication, repeat visits or lost paperwork. More jobs right the first time, every time. Happier, safer tenants.

Does Plentific screen contractors?

Plentific's contractors are all vetted and verified by our dedicated in-house team. You can ensure high-quality work, done by trades people with the right qualifications.

When a contractor wishes to join our platform, we go through an exhaustive list, ensuring they have valid and up-to-date General Liability Insurance. We seek detailed company information, too.

How does Plentific choose contractors for my jobs?

When you post a job to Plentific, we send it to contractors as a 'Lead', which they then have the opportunity to win and quote on. 

We send your jobs to contractors who have selected the relevant service of your job, and who also have selected the same work area as that which the property is in. For example, if you raise a plumbing job on a property in Long Island City, NY, we'll only show it to plumbers who have said that they can cover the Queens area.


What stats do I receive on my portfolio?

Within Plentific, you can export a variety of reports, including financial reports and performance reports. You can also select the ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates for reports you’re looking to generate - so that you’re in total control of what you want to see.

You can also visit your dashboard to get a snapshot of your portfolio over time, seeing how your team is performing, your spend on maintenance and the contractors you most frequently engage with. These reports and stats will help you to improve efficiency and streamline your processes even further.