Finance management

A revolutionary approach to operational finance management.

Streamline your finances with secure digital payments and full audit trails.

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Streamline your finance

Manage payments, work orders and financial reporting in one place. Access a full audit trail for every work order and transaction.

Pay securely

Pay contractors instantly and manage your finances with our e-wallet. We use Barclays for holding funds and transactions, so you know your money is always secure.

Keep track of all payments

Manage multiple e-wallets for each property portfolio and track all costs in a single dashboard.

Powerful reporting features.

Access dedicated reports for transactions, accruals and invoices paid, and export them on demand as CSV or PDF documents.

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Trusted by the biggest names in the industry.

Over 950,000 properties in the UK, US and Germany are managed through our platform

See our platform in action.

Get a free, fast walk-through of our product tailored to your organization. Learn how partnering with Plentific could help you transform your operations.

Get the full picture.

Each work order is connected to a payment and an account code, so reconciliation is a breeze. It also means no more lost invoices or double payments.

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Complete control.

Integrate Plentific with your existing financial software. Add approval thresholds to payments. And receive automatic top-up reminders when your e-wallet is running low.

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“Working with Plentific, we’ve seen first hand the streamlined digital approach it creates for maintaining and managing properties. We’ve seen a great deal of valuable time and resource saved already.”

“Plentific allows local and professional tradespeople to quote for repairs. Each contractor is both verified and insured. We are finding Plentific quicker, cheaper and more convenient for the tenant.”

“Best service I’ve ever had. I’ve gone from being on hold for up to an hour, to my call being answered within 2 minutes and the job being done on the same day! Contractors were very good and job done perfectly.”