What started off as a simple door repair soon became a life threatening situation. Here’s the story of how Tom and Rebecca from C.H. Installations went above and beyond on a repair callout, and why they deserve recognition for their actions.

On 10th September, Tom from C.H. Installations attended a door repair booked on the Plentific platform. It was a typical callout like any other, and everything was going to plan. He arrived on time, he was welcomed by the tenant, he assessed the damaged door and returned to his van to get the tools he needed for the job. However, as he made his way back to the property, Tom found the tenant to be unresponsive and slumped on the stairs.

Without hesitation, Tom immediately called for an ambulance. He also managed to reach out to Rebecca, an administrator at C.H. Installations, to make her aware of the situation. Eventually the tenant stopped breathing and Tom took it upon himself to administer CPR until the ambulance arrived and took over the situation. 

Even with the shock and stress of the event, the efforts of both Tom and Rebecca didn’t stop there. Tom repaired the door, and with the consent of the housing association of the property, Rebecca volunteered to look after the tenant’s dog in her absence. Rebecca lives local to the property and felt a moral obligation to help where she could, so she attended the property multiple times to walk, feed and relieve the Jack Russell which she nicknamed 'Jackie Stewart'.

We’re thrilled to hear that the tenant is stable and has returned to her home thanks to the quick response of everyone involved, and she was delighted to learn that her dog had been taken care of throughout her hospital admission.

“Tom and I certainly didn’t expect our day to turn out as it did when we woke up in the morning, but we responded how we would hope everyone would’ve in that situation. It’s a relief to learn that the tenant is feeling better and has returned home.”

- Rebecca, C.H. Installations

We’re incredibly proud of all of the pros on our platform for the continued work they do for our clients, but this story represents not only excellent customer service, craftsmanship and commitment, but also an enormous amount of humility at a time when we need it the most.

From everyone at Plentific, we want to send a special thank you to C.H. Installations for their enormous effort in this extraordinary situation.