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Featured: Retrofitting the Property Sector.

Plentific’s new report evaluates the strategic, cultural and technological change required to repair real estate’s impact on the climate and realise the biggest transformation of our generation.

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Case Studies.


Plentific and Notting Hill Genesis.

Learn how NHG transforms its operations and resident service delivery with Plentific.


Plentific and Peabody Housing.

Explore how Peabody works with Plentific to supercharge its work order management.


Plentific and Shepherds Bush Housing Group.

Discover how Shepherds Bush has improved first-time-fix rates and VfM with Plentific.


Plentific and CDS Cooperatives.

Explore how CDS uses Plentific to add flexibility and resilience to its supply chain.


Plentific and Penge Churches.

See how PCHA uses Plentific for faster work orders and stronger compliance.


Plentific and LETSiNVEST

Learn how PRS client LETSiNVEST has transformed its service delivery model with Plentific.

eBooks and Whitepapers.


Best practices for battling the backlog.

Get fast, effective approaches to addressing your outstanding repairs with our 'Battling the backlog' eBook.


Digital transformation in procurement.

Experience the latest advances in supply chain technology and how they can be applied to your organisation's procurement.


'Mixed Economy' delivery models in housing.

Discover how supply chain diversity can help your organisation improve value-for-money and create local economic opportunities.

Residents at the heart of the home.

For every landlord, resident satisfaction should be a key measure of success. But do landlords understand how their residents really feel? Our resident satisfaction report reveals the trends, attitudes and behaviours prevalent for UK renters in both the Social and Private Sector to help landlords transform how resident services are delivered.


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DPS Resources.


The DPS marketplace for contractors.

Learn how our new framework for maintenance services can help contractors access big contract work from the UK's largest housing providers.


The DPS marketplace for property managers.

Learn how a new procurement framework can help your organisation deliver faster repairs services at lower costs.