Today, leading property management platform Plentific announces the launch of a new global solution—Inspections.

Plentific Inspections will transform the way that residential and commercial property providers approach surveys, tenancy reports, and compliance checks. Instead of clipboards and manual processes, Plentific delivers an end-to-end solution, from app-enabled inspections through to streamlined work order management, reporting, and finance management.

Inspections are conducted in the field using a mobile application, available via the Apple and Google Play stores. Users can leverage fully-customisable digital forms or a range of ready-to-go templates for maintenance and disrepair reports, voids, and Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs). Issues raised are transformed into tasks and work orders in real time, cutting out unnecessary friction to resolve them faster. This reduces operational overheads by as much as 50% and improves tenant satisfaction.

Work orders can be cost-effectively fulfilled by Plentific’s integrated supply chain. The platform enables providers to manage in-house teams, appointed contractors, or Plentific’s marketplace of more than 20,000 high-quality contractors. While limited proptech solutions for inspections exist, no integrated solution brings inspections and work order management together, with a proprietary marketplace included for added speed and efficiency. A true end-to-end solution.

Crucially, Plentific’s platform automatically stores inspection reports, issues, and work order history, providing a golden thread of information that can be referred back to at any time. This transparency means that property providers can rest easy in the knowledge that voids are addressed rapidly, FRAs are conducted reliably, and renovations are delivered on time and on budget.

Cem Savas, CEO and Co-founder of Plentific, said: “Inefficient inspections and a lack of transparency have historically led to projects exceeding timelines and budget, rent loss at the end of tenancies, and even regulatory fines. Our new solution streamlines and automates inspections and repairs processes, while giving real estate providers visibility across their portfolio.”

The launch follows the announcement that Plentific acquired market-leading proptech TouchRight Software in January 2022. The UK firm’s expertise and years of inspections experience was brought to bear in delivering this global end-to-end solution. The result will be best-in-class operational efficiency and compliance for clients, as well as higher satisfaction for tenants.

“Plentific Inspections represents a milestone in the property management space. Now, providers can take control of their portfolio, capturing more robust data and benefitting from a reinforced golden thread across their operations. And this is truly a cross-segment tool, which is as useful to tradespeople, fire risk assessors, and inventory clerks as it is for social, private and commercial landlords,” adds Cem Savas.

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