Learn here about Max and how we're helping him - in his own words.


This is Max.

The last few years have been a struggle for him. Tough circumstances and decisions led him into a rehabilitation programme. The idea of a 'normal' life escaped him, but he always held on to his dream of a second chance.
Luckily for Max, he's found his fresh start with Beam.
The right support from friends and family led him to Beam's doorstep, where he realised he wanted to take charge and change his situation. Do right by everyone in his life. Especially his children.
Today, his training programme with Beam is on its way to being funded and Max will soon be a certified plumber.
He is excited at the opportunity of going back to education - learning about plumbing, he says, will help him work with his hands and make a difference to his local community. It will help him support his children and give them a brighter future.
We wish Max luck on this journey towards happiness, stability and self-sufficiency. Plentific's monthly pledge to Beam is here to support Max, and others like him, into trades jobs that give them a calling - a chance at learning valuable skills and giving back to the communities they live and work in.

At Plentific, we work with social housing providers to improve repairs and maintenance work - and with it, open up big company contracts to local businesses. We do this because we believe very strongly in building local communities while making operations work better for our clients.

This means we are eager to collaborate with those who support our mission-driven approach. Beam takes referrals from charities, training people at leading third party providers and placing them with local employers, usually in the trades.

Our collaboration means we not only support Beam’s cause with donations but also offer opportunities for future employment to those with the drive, but not the means, to change their lives for the better.

To read more about our partnership with Beam, read this.

To see how easy Beam makes it for you to donate to Max, and others like them, click here.