Learn about our latest partnership with Places for People.

We’re excited to announce our contribution to Places for People’s Innovation Lab - a programme designed around realising the incredible potential in communities.  

The Innovation Lab brings 50 years of placemaking expertise together with companies, entrepreneurs and startups from across the globe - to develop products and services which drive the mission of people-centric places forward.

As one of the UK’s largest property development, management and regeneration companies, Places for People manages more than 195,000 homes, with over 19,000 additional homes in its pipeline.

For us, it’s the perfect partnership. Places for People exists to cultivate places that work for everyone and we are on a mission to make housing work better for everyone.

Places for People generated £85.4m of social value in the last year alone, with a social ROI of £14 for every £1 invested. We’re working with some of the largest housing providers to reduce essential management and repairs costs via our innovative digital platform - by close to 33% - which can be reinvested into communities.

They’re supporting 1500 people into learning and training every year. And 675 people into employment. We have been working with social enterprises like Beam to help homeless people into trades and encourage skill-building within communities. We believe this close alignment will be instrumental in guiding Plentific’s locally-driven approach to realising social change.

For the next 10 weeks, we’ll work with Places for People as we do with many of our existing housing clients: to understand their operations and process, identify areas of opportunity to reduce costs and boost service. With Places for People by our side, its an opportunity to develop new features onto our flexible, scalable platform. This allows us to constantly improve and co-develop new features through such collaborations.

We look forward to telling you more about the outcomes of this partnership in the future.