The Plentific platform's payment options are getting an upgrade, with a focus on adding more flexibility and speed to the user experience.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Stripe, a market-leading online payments solution, to bring bank transfers to Plentific. Here's how this promises to streamline payments further.

More flexibility.

A streamlined approach to payments forms the backbone of our vision, with a consistent focus on addressing sector-wide financial management challenges. Our existing payment solutions have long ensured that financial teams have a single source of truth for service provider invoices, with the ability to make secure and compliant payments with a clear audit trail.

Adding bank transfers to the mix now gives Plentific clients full control over work order payments, with no training or onboarding required for finance teams. Paying by bank transfer is available to all new and existing clients creating work orders. 

More speed.

Working seamlessly alongside direct debits, bank transfers will speed up payments processed on the platform. Both provide end-to-end visibility over the payment process, have thorough KYC checks in place and ensure faster cash flow reconciliation.

However, where direct debits require a brief set up process, migrating to bank transfers as a preferred payment method ensures clients automatically have their bank details generated by Stripe and stored securely.

Payments are executed faster with bank transfers: within 30 minutes or up to one business day at most, versus up to 3 days for direct debits.

More efficiency.

Switching to bank transfers requires no configuration on the client side. Moreover, this payment method allows clients to pay one or multiple invoices simultaneously by consolidating multiple invoices into a single batch transfer. 

To discover how our payments work and learn how to gain immediate financial oversight, visit our finance management page.

About Plentific.

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