Plentific’s industry-leading platform will provide a robust, digitally-enabled marketplace to Change Housing, in addition to advanced analytics and inspections tools. 

Change Housing, an organisation renowned for its partnerships towards delivering specialist supported housing, will be working closely with the UK’s fastest growing property solution, Plentific, to extend and augment its resident services.

Change Housing is building a stronger contractor base for its properties across London and beyond, and has selected Plentific for its robust nationwide marketplace to make smart, sustainable and flexible service delivery a reality. 

In addition to utilising Plentific’s network of trade specialists, Change Housing will be adopting Plentific’s award-winning inspections app, which transforms the way surveys, tenancy reports, and compliance checks are conducted. Plentific will deliver an end-to-end solution, from app-enabled inspections to streamlined work order management, reporting, and finance management.

Plentific’s Advanced Analytics tools will also play a key role in this new partnership, ensuring Change Housing can unlock data-driven insights for its property managers and their team members. This will facilitate more informed business decisions for Change Housing, by measuring team, work order and contractor performance proactively.

Plentific will work closely with Change Housing to uncover the business' pain points and offer effective solutions that drive action. At the outset, Change Housing will benefit from:
  • Superior work order management - instant access to a network of 20,000 trade specialists to carry out works across London and Change Housing’s properties beyond
  • Improved portfolio and performance visibility - access to analytics on each work order, including insights on how teams are performing, how contractors are delivering services and how finances are being managed.
  • Faster, fully-digitised inspections - an app-enabled tool that digitally records and stores inspection reports, issues, and work order history, providing a golden thread of information that can be referred back to at any time

Change Housing and like-minded organisations are digitalising and streamlining key operational processes with Plentific’s state-of-the-art technology. Plentific has pioneered procurement flexibility for housing providers by allowing them to use a nationwide marketplace alongside their own internal service delivery teams and appointed contractors. The technology behind this allows housing providers such as Change Housing complete control over their operational costs, complete visibility into their service delivery and real-time data that can be harnessed to personalise services in the long run. 

Plentific’s purpose-built technology transforms inspections, repairs, maintenance, voids and resident management for housing providers, leading to efficiency savings for landlords, increased revenue for operators, satisfied residents and exclusive access to local work for service providers.

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