Beam and Plentific celebrate Pete's inspirational story as he trains to become an electrician.

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Meet Pete. 

2010 was a particularly tough year in Pete's life. His partner left him and London with someone else - which meant he wouldn't be able to see his son anymore. Soon after, when the recession hit, Pete's business went under and he gave up on himself. Things escalated very quickly after that. Burglary, imprisonment, release and re-offending. He was caught in a vicious cycle.

Pete believed he had no purpose - no home, no new skills, no job. So he kept going back to prison.

However, during his sentence, he had the opportunity to get an education and he seized the chance to study an electrical course. He started doing incredibly well, even rejecting an early release in favour of completing his course.

Today, Beam is helping him channel his enthusiasm and initiave into highest industry level of electrical training. So Pete can not only get back to work sooner but also pick up his work exactly where he left it all those years ago.

Plentific has just made a donation towards his £5,657 goal. And so can you.

A job in the trades is very nearly within his reach and Plentific hopes to support him in the future by finding him work through the housing providers we partner with.

Pete is just one of the many people that Plentific is sponsoring through Beam to get trained in a trade, then get into work - so that they can live the secure, fufilled and happy lives they want. 

This is what Pete has to say:

“Thank you so much for contributing to my college fund. You are helping me get back into something I love doing. This is going to be a new positive start in my life so thank you once again for donating.”

At Plentific, we work with social housing providers to improve repairs and maintenance work - and with it, open up big company contracts to local businesses. We do this because we believe very strongly in building local communities while making operations work better for our clients.

This means we are eager to collaborate with those who support our mission-driven approach. Beam takes referrals from charities, training people at leading third party providers and placing them with local employers, usually in the trades.

Our collaboration means we not only support Beam’s cause with donations but also offer opportunities for future employment to those with the drive, but not the means, to change their lives for the better.

To read more about our partnership with Beam, read this.

To see how easy Beam makes it for you to donate to Pete, and others like him, click here.