Find out why we've been called the Uber of R&M.

We’re on a roll.

We’re sparking a repairs revolution with communities at the heart of it.

It’s no surprise that the sector is taking note.

Just last week, Plentific was the focus of leading magazine Inside Housing’s (IH) in-depth piece about the technological transformation we’re bringing to social housing repairs in the UK.

The article highlights the incredible flexibility of our platform and how rapidly it has grown to accommodate the repair and maintenance needs of landlords and developers. Showcasing how far we have come since our humble beginnings in 2013 - to now working with the biggest and most significant social landlords, including Notting Hill Genesis (NHG), Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH), BCHA and Network Homes.

In total, Plentific covers around 100,000 properties across the public and private sectors. And we are grateful each day for how the community has embraced us.

Our co-founder Cem, emphasises how tools and operational legacies are curbing the far-reaching impact of housing teams in associations. Well, no more.

In the article, he states “The difference [Plentific’s operational effectiveness] can make for tenants – and teams – is remarkable.”

Remarkable, indeed. On the 1st of May, 2019, at the prestigious UK Housing Awards, Plentific nabbed the coveted ‘Professional Services Partner Award’ for our pioneering work with 64,000 properties in NHG’s housing portfolio.

NHG’s move to use Plentific is part of a larger mission to put the tenants at the heart of the housing association’s services. And we couldn’t be happier. Being recognised for work that is devoted to building communities is what drives us. We’re committed to cutting costs, reducing repair times and growing local trades businesses all in the name of making tenants of social housing happier, safer and empowered.

Don’t just take our word for it. “Moving towards a more digital-led solution has helped NHG to reduce its average repairs time from 10 days to 72 hours”, says Andy Belton, chief operating officer for NHG, with a sense of relief and elation only such a pronounced operational difference could bring.

Ryan Ward, customer service lead at NHG, emphasised how much control our platform has brought back into his team. On one side of the platform, contractors can constantly monitor, accept and manage jobs at their fingertips. On the other side, Ryan can manage everything with a touch of a button - accepting or declining repairs jobs based on cost, location and suitability. He is also able to seamlessly schedule, provide complete job details, including images. Meaning that the work is done right the first time, every time.

Acknowledging the incredible transformation this has proven to be in repairs and maintenance, Ryan stated that since moving to Plentific on 1 March this year, “there hasn’t been a single complaint!”.

Check out the article here.


And if you believe that the large scale of your operations could use the Plentific touch, and revolutionise repairs and maintenance services like never before, then visit or contact Daniel Owens, Head of Business Development.