Bringing change management level consultancy to housing clients who continue to transform how they deliver services to residents. 

Real-time property operations pioneer Plentific has appointed a new Director of Value Creation, adding value to its social housing clients and more than 2 million residents.

Rebecca Sandhu has 15 years of experience heading up property maintenance operations for London’s largest housing provider. She is bringing that expertise to this unique new role at Plentific, providing change management level consultancy to housing clients who continue to transform how they deliver services to residents. Rebecca offers expert reassurance to housing clients, nurturing relationships to find areas where further value can be delivered using Plentific’s technology across property operations.

Due to the pandemic's impact, Rebecca, who was Head of Service for Central Operations within the Maintenance department at L&Q, turned to Plentific’s specialist technology to help tackle the backlog of more than 50,000 repairs and maintenance jobs. Following a successful implementation, Plentific supported L&Q to achieve a 40% reduction in backlogs for repairs programmes. Plentific’s workflow orchestration has been further deployed to support organisational change at L&Q, including effective repairs and maintenance. Wider visibility and a reduced key to key time were also achieved for void properties.

Utilising Plentific’s dynamic verified marketplace of approved contractors over 24 months, Rebecca was able to simplify repairs and maintenance operations at L&Q, halving the number of sub-contractors for reactive maintenance and significantly reducing the risks associated with dealing with a high number of sub-contractors. This expertly vetted supply chain enables housing clients to access a network of skilled service providers in seconds via the Plentific platform, giving full coverage. Plentific’s marketplace has created jobs for more than 400 independent contractors at L&Q, supporting local businesses as well as reinforcing the housing provider’s social purpose and commitment to the communities it works alongside.

Plentific has developed new healthy homes solutions specifically targeting challenges faced by the UK housing sector, including voids management and damp and mould. Since using the optimised workflow offered by Plentific’s platform at L&Q, rent income has been increased by 2.5% by streamlining processes for void works, reducing maintenance time for voids by 54%.

Rebecca Sandhu, Director of Value Creation at Plentific, said:

“I’m passionate about delivering a great service and a better life to residents within our client's homes. I’m a solution based thinker, driven to add Value within housing by using my expertise across the UK housing sector.”

Rebecca is adding value by supporting Plentific’s customer success and accounts teams, as well as mentoring colleagues to deliver a stronger service tailored to the needs of housing clients and their residents.

Rebecca added:

“I talk the language of housing and know the pain points. My operational background and experience enable me to assist and advise on what else Plentific’s platform can do to streamline operations and provide an exceptional service to residents.”

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